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March 16, 2004

Re: Bush emphasizes role as leader in war ... well, OK. (NYT)

(NYT - Unpublished LE)

George Bush says Iraq is the main front on the war on terror.  And indeed, there are practically daily terror attacks and deaths in Iraq.  With Bush in charge of Iraq, terrorists go to Iraq, they learn how to recruit quickly and effectively among the population, and the administration reports the terrorists are making smaller but more powerful bombs of increasing sophistication which are harder to detect.

So before Bush's invasion, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, provided no substantive support to terrorist infrastructure and there were no terrorist training camps; afterwards there are plenty of terrorists in Iraq, they are growing in sophistication and they practice by killing the population.

The justification for the war on Iraq was a faith-based conviction in Bush's own mind, not an evidence-based determination.  We are all paying, some with their lives, for the folly of Bush's bad leadership.

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