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October 30, 2004

2 Days to Election 2004

I leave tomorrow for New Mexico for Election Monitoring with Election Protection. So it's possible this may be my last post before the election. Vote. Vote Early. Make sure Kerry supporters vote.

Here's to victory!!


The McMinnville News-Register printed my letter to the editor (scroll down) as "No more misadventures from strategic errors" this Saturday, which couldn't be be timing in my opinion (for whatever undecideds there are out there!). In the paper edition, it was the first letter -- good position! A key part of the argument was:

"Could 9/11 have been prevented? No one knows, but they weren't even trying. They had kept America's counter-terrorism chief, Richard Clarke "out of the loop"...."

I wrote recently about helping out with the Republicans, Business Leaders and Veterans for Kerry bus tour on Monday, and we got great coverage an article in the McMinnvile News-Register in their next (Wednesday) edition. Photo with me in it is not online :-(

W.L. and D.L. hosted a great fund-raiser for America Coming Together .. and great conversation afterwards at Ponzi Bistro. If you can believe it, after announcing the event on their website, they got a call saying it might be bad for "a small business like yours" to support ACT. So, I encourage you to come by and taste and buy some wine from some of the finest people and winemakers in Oregon.

John Kerry for President

The more time passes, the more impressive John Kerry becomes. To me, he's not just not-Bush. I just watched "Going Upriver", about John Kerry's early years up through the Vietnam War protests. Kerry today is in many ways the same man he was 30 years ago -- straightforward, smart, direct, driven by a higher purpose than himself. A sense of clear, high moral character and deep integrity that has shown in his actions about how he campaigns as well as in words and deeds. A good man, worthy of respect, who recognizes a dangerous fight with a bully but stands up to him for the good of America.

Can you imagine being in John Kerry's these last months, having to carry the burden of opposing this president with all the tools and viciousness at Bush's disposal? Few people are that strong. I am glad I am not in Kerry's shoes.

So, let us not rest these final days but rather continue to see that we win back America through John Kerry:

  • Go canvassing this weekend and
  • help from home by making a few calls to get other canvassers out in battleground states.

Republicans for Kerry

If there are any Republicans still wavering, here's a run-down of several Republicans for Kerry organizations to see what Republicans themselves are saying about why they support Kerry. See also this roundup at John Kerry's website.

Here is another conservative, life-long Republican testimonial against Bush. And this one from someone who is in the rarified air around Bush. From Conversation with a Conservative: Peter G. Peterson

The Commerce Secretary in the Nixon administration explains that the Republican Party "has lost its moorings" in recent years.
"....a long-term tax cut is not a tax cut at all, unless it's accompanied by long-term spending cuts. It's what you'd call a deferred tax increase on the future, which is our children."

"...during the Democratic, Clinton years, there was this bipartisan cooperation, to raise taxes on people like me, and to put caps on spending, and we had something called the "Pay as you go" rule."

"...And Dick Armey, who's hardly a liberal -- who used to be the House Majority Leader -- says we can't pin this one on the Democrats. We're in charge of the White House and the Congress."

[In a meeting with Bush Peter told Bush:] ".... tax cuts for people like us, before you've solved the costs you're going to be passing on to your kids, is in my judgment immoral. But you could just tell by his steely response that tax cuts are part of the theology."

Missing 380 Tons of Explosives in Iraq

There's something amiss in the language of the missing 380 tons of high explosives.

Using dump trucks holding 10 tons, it would require a convoy of 38 dump trucks or 38 trips by one truck. Using pick-ups carring 1 ton, it would take some 380 trips, or with a 10 pick-up convoy, 38 trips. This isn't "looting" where some people dashed inside and zipped out with whatever they could hold before anyone noticed. This was a big, long effort.

As Maureen Dowd wrote,

"Mr. Cheney and the neocons were in a deranged ideological psychosis, obsessing about imaginary weapons while allowing enemies to spirit the real ones away."

Bush's Abuse of Faith

Faith Abuse: When God Becomes A Campaign Ploy by Arianna Huffington

"Nowhere is this blending of church and campaign more evident than in "George W. Bush: Faith in the White House," a DVD being distributed to tens of thousands of America's churches.

Although not officially the work of the Bush-Cheney campaign, it obviously has its approval, and indeed was screened at a party for Christian conservatives hosted by the campaign at the GOP convention in New York."

No on 36

The US constitution, aside from how the government is constituted, is not about enshrining history or traditions, but about preserving individual rights in a non-discriminatory fashion against encroachment of the state or by other people. Aside from crimes against the state (treason), the constitution doesn't address what things shall be crimes committed by individuals -- not even murder, burglary, etc. Those are left as "malleable" items that can be defined and changed by legislative action, so long as they don't infringe on the rights quaranteed in the constitution. This, in recognition that societal mores change and tradition and accepted behavior change over time.

A ban on gay marriage certainly doesn't meet those tests of whether it is deserving of being elevated to the constitution.


Bush seems to have given many Republicans pause, causing them to re-evaluate their values. I think there is an interesting opportunity for progressives to mold a more universal message, by incorporating the recognition by many Republicans that fiscal responsibility is more important than lower taxes, that tax burdens should be progressive and not regressive, that they care about the environment, civil liberties, separation of church & state and especially that those less fortunate should not be just left to themselves.


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