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October 30, 2004

Election Reflection

There is no need to tally again the unbelievably long list of terrible things Bush has done to this country (The Nation has one nice tally of their top 100 issues with Bush), nor to enumerate the horrors that Bush could visit upon us and he rest of the world with four years of unrestrained messianic ideology unleashed through what is not neo-conservatism, but rather neo-fascism.

Instead, as we close in on the final days of the campaign and as I review this election cycle, and my own mini-oddessy during it, I find myself strangely close to where I started writing in December 2003, angry and driven by a sense of frustration and of foreboding about Bush. And today, angry as ever with Bush, but now with the hope of John Kerry.

As I reflected and wrote the following, it was a while before I realized how much what I was writing was earily similar to my first piece "A Moderates Manifesto" (first in a long line of unpublished letters and op-ed pieces sent to the New York Times ;-). In that piece I argued that moderate Republicans need to quit the party in order to remake it. I little imagined that we'd not only find so many actually doing that, and doing it publicly, but also finding so many dyed-in-the-wool conservative Republicans also now repudiating the Bush-led fundamentalist Republicans.

See "Unfit to Govern".


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