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November 09, 2005

Re: Kansas Board Approves Challenges to Evolution [NYT]

[Re: Kansas Board Approves Challenges to Evolution 11/9/2005]

To the Editors of the New York Times:

The Kansas School Board requires teaching the “controversy” about whether life on earth has evolved.  With the principle established, let’s apply the standard to every part of the curriculum.

Creationists dispute radioactive carbon dating: a “controversy” that physics isn’t real.  They say fossils can’t have formed by chemical replacement over millions of years: we’d better warn our kids that chemistry may not exist.

Most of history is just things written down by people who weren’t there, so off with its controversial head!

No one has produced an authenticated birth certificate for Jesus Christ and there are billions of adherents with competing claims for God, so “controversy” stickers must be placed on any bible, Koran, or other document making theistic claims that children might see.

The Board’s lesson?  There are no facts, just opinions; every kid should be free to choose to believe what they want.

Heavens, it makes you wonder why we have public schools anyway when it is all just some fluff that those darn liberals made up to confuse us!  With no facts to burden us, our minds will be free at last!


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