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April 26, 2006

Re: Everything you wanted to know about Vote By Mail

[Posted to DaliyKos re: Everything you wanted to know about Vote By Mail]

In 2004, I got to compare Oregon’s vote-by-mail with New Mexico’s system when I assisted Election Protection in New Mexico.

As an Oregon voter, I had always liked vote-by-mail for its convenience and for increasing turnout.  What I hadn’t appreciated was how much it simplifies and professionalizes the election system -- from hundreds of precincts with possibly thousands of (amateur) officials, we have just one counting place per county, all overseen by people, like the county clerk, that do this for a living.  It makes oversight for the parties easier as well since there are fewer locations.  In addition, there is just one method: paper ballots, for absentee, local voters, etc.  Signatures are compared electronically, and if the ballot arrives early enough, the voter will be  contacted if there is any question about the signature match, allowing a correction.

For more, see my letter to The Nation re: Abolish Election Day also posted here.

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