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May 10, 2006

My Vote for Cassie Sollars

[Published in the News-Register as Fierce on issues on 5/13/2006]

To Reader's Forum:

I had the chance to sit down with Cassie Sollars over pizza at Zippy’s in Yamhill recently, and what a refreshing breath of fresh air she would make as a Yamhill County Commissioner!

She’s open, eager to do what’s best for the whole county and ready to tackle the issues we face in managing growth, getting a handle on meth and other issues all while managing our taxes appropriately.

She strikes me as someone who will be a true representative of all the county once elected, not just her base.  She is not idealogically rigid, but instead ready to craft compromises that can form a broad county consensus beyond those who vote for her.  She understands that even well-intentioned laws can be badly written and I would expect her to seek input from everyone affected so that she can represent Yamhill County not only in County Commission meetings, but to state officials to help craft improvements that work better for Yamhill County as a whole and not just for her supporters.

Open, generous, and dedicated to our community, yet fierce to tackle the festering problems in the county the current commission has left us, Cassie Sollars has my vote!

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