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June 29, 2006

Re: Who died and left you president of the United States

[Submitted to The Oregonian re: Who died and left you president of the United States? on 6/29/2006]

Letter to the Editor -

Pity poor David Reinhard, living in his bubble of Republican talking points with no connection to the fresh air of the world, asserting the New York Times committed treason for their article about datamining of banking records.

Back in 2000, Al Gore identified terrorism as the number one security threat, saying “Whether terrorism is ... inspired by a single fanatic individual, such as Osama bin Laden ... We must ... target terrorist finances, break up support cells, and disrupt training....”

And after 9-11 there were many stories about breaking up terrorist financing,  suspect charities, freezing bank accounts, money laundering, etc.

Bush ignored outgoing administration officials, his own counter-terrorism chief and a CIA briefing “Bin Laden determined to attack US”.  Republicans ignored the evidence against Iraq’s WMD and invented a tie to terrorism.

Six times as many American’s have died or been grievously wounded in Iraq than on 9-11.  Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted in the sands of Iraq.

Let us not let the tragic deaths of the horrific events of 9-11 continue to be misplaced fodder for Republican political calculation to avoid accountability for their tragic errors.

Shame on you, David Reinhard.

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