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October 06, 2006

Saxton lied

[Submitted to the Oregonian 10/6/2006]

To the Editors -

Card-carrying Republican Ron Saxton lied about large numbers of illegal immigrants voting in Oregon elections, whereas the truth is that in reviewing 15 years of investigations, the Secretary of State found just two cases out of over 10 million votes.  If Saxton is willing to lie to get into office, what will he do to keep power if he gets in office?

Saxton’s strategy of doing anything to get in office is part of the corrupt national Republican Party machine, which is financing him, along with a few big-money special-interest donors giving $250,000 or more.  But Oregonians already know how deeply corrupt and inept Republicans are when in office -- from taking Abramoff's bribes, to covering for Foley, to Iraq and Katrina and to unreported beer & wine junkets to Hawaii.  Let’s not let this spread in Oregon.

Don’t let Saxton lie his way into office because he won’t be representing the good values and people of Oregon if he gets there.

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The Kulongoski campaign is calling for the ad to be pulled.

It would be great if folks would take a moment to email or call their local stations and ask for the ad to be pulled. If you follow this link, you can use our website to contact them directly:


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