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May 08, 2007

Fix Measure 37

[Letter to the News-Register, submitted 5/7/2007]

I was disappointed that HD24 Representative Donna Nelson voted against fixing Measure 37, and wants to leave the legal mess in place and the threats of industrialization and  subdivisions everywhere in our county and state.

Recent polling (http://friends.org/issues/M37/documents/040307_OregonStatewideVoterSurvey.pdf) shows that only 19% of Oregonians support Nelson’s position to leave Measure 37 as is.  The  testimony at county commission hearings, and at the state legislature (including the Yamhill County Farm Bureau), and letters to the editors, all show that many of HD 24 voters and residents belong to the 69% who believe that Measure 37 should be fixed or removed but in any case not retained as is.

Furthermore, what she claims she wants to see in a revision of Measure 37 (http://www.leg.state.or.us/nelsond/pr_050407.pdf), transferability and quick approval on small claims, are actually part of the bill she voted against!

She may be representing someone or something, but it doesn’t appear to be the broad constitutency of today’s HD 24, which wants to see Measure 37 fixed to keep Measure 37's stronger property rights while also supporting farmers and neighbors and constraining sprawl and industrialization.

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