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May 24, 2010

GOP will spend 4 months crafting agenda for one month of work

Cool.  Republicans in the US House of Representatives have had no policy guide so far in the 111th Congress that started January 6, 2009 and now they plan to spend four of the last five months (in the middle of campaign season, no less) making a plan for the last month of the session.

And people want to put Republicans in charge?  In charge of what?

House Republicans on Tuesday will kick off their effort to craft a new agenda with the launch of a website called AmericaSpeakingOut.com, with the intent of releasing a final document in September.

But the agenda will not map the GOP path to victory through the midterm elections; instead it will serve as a policy guide for the rest of the 111th Congress, Republican leaders insist. The current House calendar anticipates an Oct. 8 adjournment.

via www.rollcall.com


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